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March 26th, 2004

07:53 am - { feel free! }

feel free to post to this as often as you want - it would be great to get new entries right from the group - how are paper topics for #2 coming along?

see you soon ::: >>>
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07:47 am - CorporoFinancial eXquisite Collagework
On Wednesday, March 24, 2004 the nsmGroup participated in an eXquisite corpse-like activity involving discarded books, office supplies + creativity. All students created rather unique collage in this 'paperback' edition of the activity to be featured in performance over the weekend. Willow won the last set of remaining Crest Whitestrips from my recent Costco dental purchase { to be presented to her today in class prior to our guest lecture from Jed Speare, co-director of Mobius }.

If you participated in this event - please tell me your reactions to the activity. Did you enjoy the end-result? Was the process more important? Would it have been beneficial to videoCapture the activity? Or does the resulting artwork stand on it's own?
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March 10th, 2001

06:38 am - Welcome to the nsm LiveJournal Discussion Centre { fla = nLDC }
hello alL

Feeling a bit like Dr. Evil here right now. 'Welcome to my eviL discussion centeR'.

But anyhow - seriously folks - I don't even know how this is going to work. I wanted to add some interactivity to the website - since - after all - it is a course about New Media artwork in it's many forms. I chose LiveJournal { just in case you didn't know - when a word has a capital in the middle like this - it is called 'camelCase' or 'camelCasing' - interesting - eh? } - I've seen some bloggish sites that use LiveJournal and I liked the 'look'. Then again - I tend to judge a book by it's cover & don't usually flip through a bit first. So - this could be a big mistake. We might be adding something like phpbb as an option as well - or - maybe even an intermittently available chat-like online device for communication afterhours & such.

So - Walter Wright will be in class | session to demonstrate his 'tripped-out' video available on a Wednesday-by-Wednesday basis at Lumen Flux = Evo Arts = $5 21+ = you have to go, aight? Live room, be there! { I actually CANNOT be there tonight - little trip to NYC to go to the AIGA, if ... you know what I mean! } But - if you can make it - support the arts - support the live scene - get out & have some FUN, will ya? & ... talk about New Media art. Drink coffee, lots of coffee. Don't forget to vote.

Talk to you soon my good friends - netizens of nsm cyberspace. Until we e again ...

Lou Susi : BXOS !nteractive! : lou@bxos.com : 617.750.2922
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