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November 5th, 2004

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07:21 pm - Skafandr flash music video (3 Mb)
International Festival of Animation and Computer Skills "Chaos
Constructions" took
place recently in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More than 100 works
from different Russian
and foreign animators were presented during the Festival. The
Festival was held in
one of the best Saint-Petersburg auditorium the City Youth
Palace. There was a
saturated program with contests on different nominations concerned
with video- and
audio programming, animation and computer graphics. It was the
animation clip for
music group "Skafandr" made by Satim (TOONDRA Animation Studio)
that came first in the flash

Author: Alexander "Satim" Timofeyev. He is the animator,
the designer and the art-director of the Studio. satim@toondra.ru

This is what the author said about this work:
We didn t drive either at any piled up effects or making
high-grade animated
cartoon. On the contrary we tried to keep up to minimalism style,
to produce highly
pastiche object looking extremely attractive and showy like some
logotype or road
Here in Saint-Petersburg music group Skafandr is a favourite in
Petersburg underground
musicians circles, so we didn t want to put the lads in a spot. I
m very pleased that
they liked the clip.
And it s also nice that it was appreciated by animation experts
during the Festival.
You can soon see the clip on Russian musical TV channels. Right now
you can look at
it on the TOONDRA web site: www.toondra.ru

(:: let us know what you think ::)

Skafandr flash music video (3 Mb) - { ::: newsummedia ::: discuss ::: }

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