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May 31st, 2004

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10:16 pm - { NSMGroup Grades ::: finally in at UML }
dear NSMGroup ::: >>>

just a quick note + notice for you ::: grades should be in at UML if you want to call in + find out what the final tally was : just another quick note : i just want to mention what a pleasure it was to have you all aboard the newsummedia bus : you were all fantastic + i felt like we had a pretty positive experience over-all : many guest lecturers : much good conversation that remained at once casual + at twice interactive + 'critical' regarding general concepts and terminology surrouding New Media Art > preceding movements > and possible movements to follow ::: >>>

another quick note : some people received a big 'i' rating for the semester : this 'i' isn't for 'information' but instead stands for 'incomplete' : being the softy that i am - i, of course, want to see everyone pass the class : those who have not yet passed in certain critical material necessary to accurately assess your academic performance in the class sessions + beyond should get materials to me as soon as possible : i cannot give full credit at this point for the late materials { wouldn't be fair to those in the group who respected the deadlines } but - any credit is good credit to have at all if you ask me > so > by all means, pass in papers or other missing material : any Qs > please email + ask ::: >>>

happy summertime : talk to you soon ::: [ lS ] ::: >>>
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Date:July 23rd, 2012 03:14 pm (UTC)
{ NSMGroup Grades ::: finally in at UML } - { ::: newsummedia ::: discuss ::: }

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