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May 13th, 2004

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11:27 pm - Counterintuitive POS...err...what a great blogger...
Spent about an hr setting up this crazy thing. Most things are str8 forward, blogging is not. Anyways now that It's working (I hope to god it works), I can do the evaluation that Lou wants...

1. Lectures were interesting...a little unfocused at times...and alittle late other times. The best ones IMO were those that were 'photographically enhanced.'
Overall I'd give these a AB

2. Guest Lectures were well worth the effort to get the presenters in there. Of course can't comment on refreshments as I rarely partook.
These were def an A

3. Although distracting at times, outside activities were needed to keep the class from getting too claustrophobic in those tiny rooms. I was alittle cheesed by the paranoid Aramark ppl, they give us sh*tty meals and they're worried about us eating some of their food w/o paying....give me a break.
Eh...give these a B

4. Yea would have liked a tad more hands-on learning as I'm a very tactile person. So for the one time we did do it I'll give it a BC

5. Although the class wasn't what I expected when I entered it turned out to be a very respectable/interesting class. So overall I'll give it an AB.

And now back to that paper thingy that's due...umm....tomorrow...crap!
Hope everyone has a great...relaxing...summer to make up for mine,

--Mikie J
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Date:May 18th, 2004 03:41 am (UTC)

{ sop intercontuitive }

hey Mike - thanks for posting ::: i won't put up any live student grades this sememster ;] ::: but i appreciate the feedback + such and hope you have a great summer >>> see you in the falL ::: >>>
Counterintuitive POS...err...what a great blogger... - { ::: newsummedia ::: discuss ::: }

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