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August 22nd, 2006

10:31 pm - ..:: new concept :: corporate art ::..
actually, it might not be all THAT new ... but ... lately, at the office, i've been putting together temporary installation pieces in the empty cube nextdoor ... i've established the Mgallery { M = marketing in this case } ... & thusfar, here are the ingredients for each piece :

.: the brain that wouldn't die :.
: giant $8 illuminations vase
: tiny orange 'tension ball' brain

.: corporate promise :.
: little glass box { wooden frame, unfinished }
: red, rose-patterned tissue paper { lining the bottom of the box }
: fortune { it reads, 'you will be rewarded for all your hard work' }

.: take-out corporate philosophy :.
: tiny hardcover edition of Norman Vincent Peale's 'The Power of Positive Thinking'
: 2 clear supermarket food containers { clean }
: jewelrybox mirror { pointed upward, toward the front of the 'bust' construction }
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July 28th, 2005

10:33 pm - { Spencer Tunick }
Ok ... not sure if you've heard of Spencer Tunick or not ... but his 'installation' work has been getting alot of press lately, at least on Yahoo! to some degree. Here is the link to his offical website :


... and here is a link to a recent article on CBS Arts :


... so then, what's your take. It's a pretty unique spin on several different art forms, is it not? On the one hand, you have the concept, a relatively new one, of the Flash Mob. These organized meetings of thousands of nude models seem very Flash Mob-esque to me. Spencer Tunick himself calls the pieces installations, although it seems the photography side of the spectrum is where ST is coming from in many respects. As with most of the art that is modern and 'out there', Spencer Tunick's attempts to create his installations and the photodocumentation that goes along w/ the territory have often had a trail of controversy following along ... he's been arrested several times in NYC alone while arranging his en masse, public, nude compositions.

... what's your personal reaction or spin regarding Spencer Tunick and his work? Is he merely using nudity to cause shock and controversy, thereby garnering more attention? Or do you think ST is some sort of porno-directorial, passive-aggressive exhibitionist, just out trying to get his rocks off?

Let me know your thoughts, feelings, concerns, or happy praisings, eh?

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March 7th, 2005

06:21 am - { Gunther von Hagens }
I recently bumped across a Yahoo! newblurb w/ photo that described the artwork of Gunther von Hagens. Here is the blurb that accompanied the photograph :

Controversial German artist Gunther von Hagens, known for his displays of preserved human corpses stripped of skin, wants to build a factory in Poland to mass-produce his art, local officials say. File photograph of the artist with a plastinated head.

I am wondering ... and hope to get some conversation going through the newsummediaGroup ... what do you think of this? Is this art? Is this even legal? Should something be done to stop someone from using the human body { the human dead body or corpse that is } from being used as the material to create artwork?

Here are some other links to consider checking out regarding our little pal Gunther :


BBC NEWS | Health | The plastination professor

Interview with Gunther on ArtsNet

Let me know what you think ...
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January 29th, 2005

01:47 am - { yawN : heh : hey : hi agaiN }
i feel like i've beeN asleep for a long time : a veritable digital rip van winkle of sorts ::: but anyhow ::: >>>

please - if anyone bumps across this - let me know what's going on recently - what you've been reading - thinking about - eating - whatever ::: i am stilL looking into this new media thang - you know? - wondering - 'what's this all about - eh?' ::: we'lL see - we'lL see ...

::: enough for now ::: get soMe sleep - heh? ::: >>>

exit - stage right ::: >>>
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November 5th, 2004

07:21 pm - Skafandr flash music video (3 Mb)
International Festival of Animation and Computer Skills "Chaos
Constructions" took
place recently in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More than 100 works
from different Russian
and foreign animators were presented during the Festival. The
Festival was held in
one of the best Saint-Petersburg auditorium the City Youth
Palace. There was a
saturated program with contests on different nominations concerned
with video- and
audio programming, animation and computer graphics. It was the
animation clip for
music group "Skafandr" made by Satim (TOONDRA Animation Studio)
that came first in the flash

Author: Alexander "Satim" Timofeyev. He is the animator,
the designer and the art-director of the Studio. satim@toondra.ru

This is what the author said about this work:
We didn t drive either at any piled up effects or making
high-grade animated
cartoon. On the contrary we tried to keep up to minimalism style,
to produce highly
pastiche object looking extremely attractive and showy like some
logotype or road
Here in Saint-Petersburg music group Skafandr is a favourite in
Petersburg underground
musicians circles, so we didn t want to put the lads in a spot. I
m very pleased that
they liked the clip.
And it s also nice that it was appreciated by animation experts
during the Festival.
You can soon see the clip on Russian musical TV channels. Right now
you can look at
it on the TOONDRA web site: www.toondra.ru

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June 18th, 2004

08:19 am - { the sound of Dolphins 2.0 episode 2 }
last nite's Dolphins swimming very well indeed : the newborn farmhand + alL convening at the Javaroom in Chelmsord : the emphasis on quality + not quantity { as the turn-out was a bit low } : sculptor | poet | writer + more - Patrick Pierce joined us with fantastic writings thought discussion : i didn't have time to prepare any pre-recordings - otherwise we would have had the vox of Marcel Kopp welcoming us once again to another session of 'Living Life Aloud' amongst the dolpinsGroup : Robert W Steffen joined us again from
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] target"_blank">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

last nite's Dolphins swimming very well indeed : the newborn farmhand + alL convening at the Javaroom in Chelmsord : the emphasis on quality + not quantity { as the turn-out was a bit low } : sculptor | poet | writer + more - Patrick Pierce joined us with fantastic writings thought discussion : i didn't have time to prepare any pre-recordings - otherwise we would have had the vox of Marcel Kopp welcoming us once again to another session of 'Living Life Aloud' amongst the dolpinsGroup : Robert W Steffen joined us again from <a href="http://www.down2xero.com" title="visit down2xero press online" target"_blank">down2xero</a> bringing original poems from his collections as well as some readings from the works of Robert Hunter : Chelmsford-native poet + scholar Chris Borden was unable to attend the group this time around - his presence was missed but i read a few pieces written by Chris from his collection called 'Thunks from Me Head' - including the poem 'Someone's Wacky Grandma' : i also read from some of my own original works : Ralph and Eilin Bittelari joined us for a bit { famished from a day w/o food - they trekked over to the Bertucci's nextdoor for some pizza + beverage } - as well as a local writing group member named Ellen w/ her son Morgan { Ellen mentioned that she was scouting out the event for other members of her group - expecting something more like a formal reading w/ seats turned to the featured spokenword performance } : overall - the nite went well and the conversation flowed in a casual, non-competitive, sharing style : just like you like it ::: >>>

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June 15th, 2004

04:47 pm - the sound of Dolphins version 2.0.2
nsmGroup ::: just checking in to let you know about 'the sound of Dolphins 2.0' - an event i started up again late this spring - just following our sessions at UML ::: if you're interested - please stop on by - lots of good clean performative fun for alL! ::: >>>

the dolphins gather to 'Live Life Aloud' and read poetry and prose in a sharing casual style : we usually sit in a circle and read original work - the work of published poets - and other tidbits that might be of interest to the group - we will be meeting at The Javaroom in Chelmsford Massachusetts this Thursday June 17 at 6:30 PM : a very pleasant space w/ some great coffee and light food to make the event complete : i will probably incorporate some pre-recorded elements to keep the evening new media oriented - and all are welcome to attend and participate - or - sit back & enjoy the eventing - so - if you can make it - stop on by + 'Live Life Aloud' ::: >>>

i hope you are enjoying the early summer + i hope to talk to you soon ::: [ lS ] ::: >>>

pS : visit BijaXOuS suPpleMente | the sound of Dolphins online for more details :
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June 3rd, 2004

06:46 am - { a little too late }
Hello nsmGroup

just checking in and letting you know a bit after-the-fact that there was this Maya 6 release party that had an overview of all the latest features and enhancements to Maya 6 : they showed Shrek II for free { i only saw the first bunch of minutes of it } ::: but ::: just in case ::: if you're interested in Maya and 3D technology - you should sign up to get news from Great Eastern Technology ::: they provide 3D solutions and training out of their offices in Woburn - they can also train on location and such as well ::: >>>

well : i hope that the beginnings of summer are treating you well : no more streaking through the quad - ok? : talk to you soon ::: >>>
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May 31st, 2004

10:16 pm - { NSMGroup Grades ::: finally in at UML }
dear NSMGroup ::: >>>

just a quick note + notice for you ::: grades should be in at UML if you want to call in + find out what the final tally was : just another quick note : i just want to mention what a pleasure it was to have you all aboard the newsummedia bus : you were all fantastic + i felt like we had a pretty positive experience over-all : many guest lecturers : much good conversation that remained at once casual + at twice interactive + 'critical' regarding general concepts and terminology surrouding New Media Art > preceding movements > and possible movements to follow ::: >>>

another quick note : some people received a big 'i' rating for the semester : this 'i' isn't for 'information' but instead stands for 'incomplete' : being the softy that i am - i, of course, want to see everyone pass the class : those who have not yet passed in certain critical material necessary to accurately assess your academic performance in the class sessions + beyond should get materials to me as soon as possible : i cannot give full credit at this point for the late materials { wouldn't be fair to those in the group who respected the deadlines } but - any credit is good credit to have at all if you ask me > so > by all means, pass in papers or other missing material : any Qs > please email + ask ::: >>>

happy summertime : talk to you soon ::: [ lS ] ::: >>>
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May 14th, 2004

12:18 am - adieu
I was researching for my paper topic tonight, due tomorrow...actually today, depends on how you gauge time, separated by sleep or midnight. Anyway, I wandered into here and found a bunch of links and I clicked through a lot of the sites. Some interesting ones. I'm going to use this as an excuse for why it's taking me so long to type this paper. At least browsing the sites was educational.

Class was definitely not what I expected coming in. I thought new media would focus more on videogames, movies, the internet, websites and the like. It was still a great class and broadened my horizons. It also showed me that there are some crazy people out in the world.

Well, I'm sure I'll see you all around campus, and Lou, I'll see you next year for Web Design.
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May 13th, 2004

11:27 pm - Counterintuitive POS...err...what a great blogger...
Spent about an hr setting up this crazy thing. Most things are str8 forward, blogging is not. Anyways now that It's working (I hope to god it works), I can do the evaluation that Lou wants...

1. Lectures were interesting...a little unfocused at times...and alittle late other times. The best ones IMO were those that were 'photographically enhanced.'
Overall I'd give these a AB

2. Guest Lectures were well worth the effort to get the presenters in there. Of course can't comment on refreshments as I rarely partook.
These were def an A

3. Although distracting at times, outside activities were needed to keep the class from getting too claustrophobic in those tiny rooms. I was alittle cheesed by the paranoid Aramark ppl, they give us sh*tty meals and they're worried about us eating some of their food w/o paying....give me a break.
Eh...give these a B

4. Yea would have liked a tad more hands-on learning as I'm a very tactile person. So for the one time we did do it I'll give it a BC

5. Although the class wasn't what I expected when I entered it turned out to be a very respectable/interesting class. So overall I'll give it an AB.

And now back to that paper thingy that's due...umm....tomorrow...crap!
Hope everyone has a great...relaxing...summer to make up for mine,

--Mikie J
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May 5th, 2004

05:13 am - :: Of Mouse and Men ::
:: newsFlash :: NMGLS Presenter Sinus Brady to present 'Of Mouse and Men' at NSM ::

:: on May 12 from 11 to noon : nsm will be hosting the final installment of their New Media Guest Lecture Series : Database Administrator + Poet - Sinus Brady - will be presenting 'Of Mouse and Men : discourse on new media, technology, poetry and the corporate working environment' : the lecture is free and will be in McGauvern Room 325 at UMass Lowell : contact lou@newsummedia.com for directions to the lecture space : see newsummedia.com for details on other guest lectures in the nmglSeries ::

:: email sinus@newsummedia.com for further details + directions :: please do attend ::

:: and don't forget to visit Sinus Brady dot com as well :: ya hear? ::
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04:47 am - nsmSummation ::: class is nearing ... the end
dear New Media Group ::: just posting some random thoughts at this point up there online at our liveJournal community portion of the nsm website ::: please let me know if you can what your summation of the course was ::: although this is a very public space - i feel it would be valuable for all to understand how each NMGroup member felt about their experience within the NMGroup setting ::: leave your comments { i think there is even a way to leave anonymous postings of some sort if you are nervous - but i assure you there are no negative consequences for criticisms of the course or subject matter } - i can assign some extra-credit to your participation on this bloggish site feature ::: if you can - let me know what you thought of each type of teaching | lecture method ::: [ 1 ] straight-up lecture { what most of our classes were [ 2 ] guest lecture spot { w/ or w/o refreshements [ 3 ] learning outside the classroom { expedition to the cafeteria or learning in the space out by the wicked Turner rip-off painting [ 4 ] hands-on | participatory learning { we only really did the CorporoFinancial Collageworks piece i guess - let me know if you can think of any other similar activities we used in class sessions } [ 5 ] any and everything else - if you have other comments - please let them drop here ::: >>>

talk to you soon ::: lS ::: >>>
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April 7th, 2004

09:13 pm - { surprise! surprise! }
dear New Media Group

you guys really got me today ::: me - all late & all as usual - zipping down 495 at about 90 mph listening the White Stripes & all feeling like some sort of eCriminal - you know? - pulling into the faculty lot in the sh!tboX & such - takin' the handicap space & alL ::: & then - i take the elevator up 3 flights - calmly walk in & such - the main foyer all empty, except for your books & pens & backpacks { me thinking, 'they must've went to the cafeteria or something - they'll be back for their stuff - heh heh heh } - i turn the corner & there is Alex & Andrew like all curled up in the doorwell to the right & then i hear the roar of the crowd to see y'alL hiding behind that concrete stairwell - hoo! - too funny! ::: >>>

well - thanks for the surprise! - what a cool way to start off the class! ::: talk to you soon

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April 4th, 2004

10:16 pm - ::: nsm get together at the Art Interactive Monday, April 5, 2004
hey hey hey

don't forget : Monday, April 5, 2004 - Art Interactive, Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts - get down & go to the nsmAI get together : doors open at 7:30 sharp { that's in the PM }

there will be food there will be drink there will be 'eVolution' { the current New Media exhibit } there will be a discussion of the current exhibit, the AI & the upcoming show in late spring, there will be a performance by Clyve & the management

further details about getting to the Art Interactive are up at : http://www.artinteractive.org/contact.shtml

further details about Clyve & the management are up at : http://www.clyve.com

hope to see you there!
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